I'm currently a 4 year Bachelor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science, advised by Prof. Hideki Koike. My interests are in Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI), particularly with respect to Assistance in acquiring golf skills. Outside of research, I am a Game Developer.

東京工業大学 情報理工学院情報工学系4年生。小池研究室所属。Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI)、特にゴルフの技術獲得支援について関心がある。他にゲーム開発の活動をしている。

Email: takahashi.t.cn[at]m.titech.ac.jp

My Current CV is available here (updated 2023/04/01).


2023.11: 1 poster accepted to domestic workshop(WISS). Paper

2023.4: Joined Koike Laboratory as a bachelor's student.



Canvas(HTML5) Javascript

A puzzle game based on the concept of Mahjong tiles. I was responsible for the tile manipulation and the foundational system for combos, etc.

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Machine Learning Unity Pose Estimation

Development presentation by Koike Lab. We worked on a competitive game that estimates posture from skeletal detection and uses it as input. We used our own learning model for posture estimation.

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Python MagicDAQ

I worked on the development of Open-source software which makes it easy to measure and draw voltages by MAGICDAQ as an exchange student at KAIST.

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Prototype that enables communication while moving the body, developed in "Prototype UX" class at Tokyo Tech. I completed the implementation part from scratch by myself.

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My Pictures (JP ver)

Canvas(HTML5) Javascript

2D RPG browser game developed at the traP hackathon. The main development was completed in 10 days. The feature of this game is that you create and train your own character and conquer the dungeon.

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Canvas(HTML5) Javascript

2D action browser game in which you aim for the goal without getting hit by enemies. There are stages with different difficulty levels. It is quite difficult, so if you are confident, please try it (^^)

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At the Diji-con hackathon, I created a software with my friends that detects the frame edges of a comic book using OpenCV and automatically converts it into a web comic layout.

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GUI that generates interactions on the web. I was interested in Creative Coding and tried it.

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AR Shooting Game

C# LocationBaseAR Unity

An exploratory AR game I created as an intern at ColiSite. I was in charge of the game throwing part of the development on AR.

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Japanese(native), English(business)